Our Strategy

The Why We Can’t Wait Churches of Washington, DC have decided that once a person’s sentence has been served, all roads will be paved for successful reintegration into the community. Under the guidance of the Spirit, we commit to dismantling the social norms and public structures whose byproducts are high rates of recidivism, and to establishing new social norms and civic infrastructure which align with an intention of 0% recidivism.

The Christian response to injustice always invokes trial and trouble. For this reason Jesus tells us that very few will follow the narrow way. Dismantling the New Jim Crow, we will be devastated by our countries systemic racism and our own part in its exploitation. As we are brought to our knees in despair, we will come to rejoice and be glad, encouraged that we stand in the company of the prophets of Jesus’ day and of our own.

This 30 minute video is an introduction to WWCW’s Spirit-led strategy.

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