Why We Can’t Wait


Why We Can’t Wait is dismantling the injustices of mass incarceration. We can neither dismantle the old way nor create the new way by our own power.  We rely on God’s vision and providence.  We are becoming new people in Christ.   Those giving leadership to WWCW make these spiritual commitments for accountability to our own growth.

In keeping with our strategy, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus and the political leadership of Dr. King and Gandhi, Why We Can’t Wait is committed to:

o   Mass incarceration is not working.  It is cripples individuals, families, communities and our nation as a whole.  In consideration of the obstacles to successful re-entry, WWCW is asking:  What is the present-day equivalent of the 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott in response to mass incarceration?  How might we symbolically and practically disengage from a system that is so counter to Jesus’ Kingdom?  Is the Church spiritually prepared to sacrifice conveniences and safety for the sake of a vision?

o   Ideally, incarceration could be a transformative, reconciling, redemptive experience.  Ideally too, so could the Church!  We are dreaming of a church under the leadership of those who have been incarcerated, and a prison operating by the tenants of faith.  We are dreaming of financial viability for those who are/have been incarcerated.  We envision health care-rather than incarceration- for those who struggle with addiction or mental illness.  We claim citizenship in a society that believes in accountability, forgiveness and grace.

God has made the Church to be One, giving its wholeness of life for the sake of the wholeness of God’s beloved world.  Across the country and around the world, God is raising up a movement to address the injustice of our day.  Why We Can’t Wait is eager to pray with and to learn from others, and we are excited for you to join us!