Resourcing the Wider Church by Sharing the Principles of the Church of the Saviour

Becoming Church is part of the constellation of small faith communities and non-profit ministries known collectively as the Church of the Saviour community, which has been active since 1947.  Becoming Church is inspired by the history and principles of the Church of the Saviour. We have adopted these principles and made them our own.

As the world rapidly changes, the wider Church is discerning its ecclesiology and mission for the next era of history. Becoming Church interprets the principles and witness of the Church of the Saviour community as a  resource to that ongoing discernment.

Becca is available to teach from the pulpit, over coffee or in the classroom; with lay leadership, seminary interns, and clergy; at conferences, retreats and in committees. With others in the community, including Newborn Church and Church of Christ, Right Now, we offer occasional classes and an annual conference for theological reflection and spiritual growth.  Let us know how we can serve.

Check our calendar for specific events and more information.