New Initiatives and Call

Becoming Church initiatives include the development and incorporation of Church of Christ, Right Now– a congregation under the leadership of people with direct experience of incarceration, working to support other returning residents.

Inspired by the Freedom Circles’ practices of financial redistribution, Becoming Church incubated and managed a micro-loan program. That effort was further nurtured by Bread of Life Church before it incorporated as Life Asset.

Becoming Church sponsored and partnered with Church of Christ, Right Now and Jubilee Housing as each developed housing programs for men and women returning from incarceration.

Recently, Becoming Church developed Reunion, an interfaith community, engaging five strategic initiatives to dismantle mass incarceration through relationship and commitment.

What this new political era will bring to our city, our nation, our world is unknown.  What we do know is that in this era, Jesus’ Church must be clear about its identity and mission, grounded in prayer and nimble to respond.  Becoming Church continues to support calls to start new faith communities that transcend the divisions of race, class and life experience, and to accompany faith-based efforts to change the systems which exploit the most vulnerable.

Check our calendar for specific events and more information.