Spirit in Diverse Community and Freedom Circles

Spirit in Community
To do new things, we must be new people. Newness comes as a gift of the Spirit, granting patience, wisdom, forgiveness, faithfulness, freedom, love. This spiritual formation is how, as Gandhi famously said, we become the change we want to see in the world.

To that end, 2017 will bring Bible studies, daily prayer time, spiritual book studies, as well as happy hours, ball games and holiday parties. We are always eager to bring together people of different life experiences, so our gatherings are in places like coffee houses, community rooms of affordable housing apartments, and non-profit meeting spaces. On particular way we encouraged diversity in through Freedom Circles, described below. Becca will also be preaching and teaching more often in Adams Morgan and beyond. Check out our calendar for upcoming gatherings and know that you are always welcome to join us.

Freedom Circles
In the early 2000’s, Rev. Gordon Cosby and a handful of Church of the Saviour friends began to develop Freedom Circles (formerly known as Spiritual Support Groups) as a beginning point for a new kind of congregational life. Borrowing from the format and wisdom of 12-step groups, Freedom Circles are intentionally racially and socio-economically diverse, and lay the foundation for deep belonging and spiritual transformation.

Hear Gordon’s 2007 sermon about the Spiritual Support Groups here.

Learn more about Freedom Circles from this info sheet and this 2009 video, and from the booklet, Becoming the Authentic Church, available through Inward/Outward.

Check our calendar for specific events and more information.