Becoming Church witnesses to God’s all-encompassing vision of wholeness and redemption—a world where all know love and all have enough.

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Circumstances for the poor are getting worse. Millions of children in America do not have access to a fair and high quality education. The average white family income in Washington, DC is $101,000, compared to $39,000 for African American families. We are plagued by war and rumors of war; extremes of wealth and poverty— a fundamental and increasing disconnect within the human family.

As circumstances deteriorate, God continues to ignite an ancient movement to transcend the staggering grip of evil, to dismantle the global system of de-humanizing poverty, to pioneer new social structures for the common good, and to mend the whole of creation. God is using the Church—the physical body of Christ—as a unique agent in and through whom God will have God’s way. Becoming Church is called to leadership as God directs this movement.

Some will say we are naïve to think that God can end the extremes of poverty and wealth. But we are fused to the life of God who creates, liberates, heals and raises from the dead, and has promised to mend each human heart such that the world’s abundance will satisfy everyone. In the face of skepticism, we join the saints who boldly claim that God is able.

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